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Empowered water management and monitoring

Makawai blends state-of-the-art innovation with convenience to optimize water flow, stream live water use data, reduce waste, save operational costs, and protect precious natural resources.

We accomplish this by offering our customers a cohesive bundle of services led by cutting-edge technology and backed by solid, intelligent engineering.

Reduces Cost & Consumption

Intelligent Leak Detection

Real-Time Monitoring & Management

Environmentally Sustainable

Cost for Total Water Management

So, what does this system cost to implement and maintain?

The answer is that it costs your business absolutely nothing out of pocket to install and maintain. 

The Makawai system is a high-tech water monitoring service that pays for itself through your conservation of water.  We install the system and you enjoy the savings and the peace of mind knowing your building is well protected 24/7. 

To predict savings, at the beginning of a project, a usage analysis based on water consumption is performed. This establishes a baseline that measures savings, project effectiveness, and environmental impact.  We are invested in your future.  There is no-cost free consultative approach for this water conservation analysis. 

The Makawai system is a single-source, comprehensive solution that is designed specifically for the commercial and industrial environment, and that makes a world of difference. We offer AI-powered utility-grade high-tech conservation that can be managed in the palm of your hand.

AI-Powered 24/7/365 Water Monitoring

Our monitoring and management solution provides absolute water cost savings via bundled smart technology.

Powerful enough to control in the palm of your hand while featuring utility-grade oversight and control, Makawai’s advanced system is driven by AI-powered usage analytics that provides instant leak detection delivered in real-time.

Makawai provides 24/7/365 peace of mind and advanced protection against the risk of water waste, damage, costly repairs, and business interruption.

The savings Makawai delivers on your water bill eliminates out-of-pocket expenses by offsetting its robust comprehensive modern water management and monitoring system. Makawai is where water conservation pays for water transformation.

Commercial Water Management Services

Standard water meters and commercial water infrastructure can produce an endless list of continuous flow issues or missed leaks and water misuse issues.

The Makawai system makes it easier (and faster) to identify both severe leaks and small ones and to avoid extensive water damage and business disruption. It simplifies the customer alerting process, thereby reducing the amount of time your staff spends finding and managing costly leaks. Real-time water monitoring can be viewed online with multi-party alerts sent via email, text, and/or call.

The Makawai proprietary water management system regulates the flow on your water main to achieve consistent pressure, as well as, instantly detecting leaks and water waste.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can conserve water, eliminate the potential for damage and save money while extending the life of your equipment.

Industries Makawai Serves

Every business uses water differently, but saving water and minimizing loss is in everyone’s best interest. The ability to monitor and manage your water system in real-time in the palm of your hand for no out-of-pocket expense just makes good economic sense for every type of business. 

Makawai’s management and monitoring technology can assist a wide variety of businesses and organizations, especially those who use large amounts of water regularly and are concerned about the costs, damages, and impact related to water waste.

  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Multi-Family Buildings
  • Senior Living and Nursing Homes
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Industrial Users
  • and many more consumers of water

There is no life without water.

At Makawai, we understand it is vital that fresh water be used, managed, and conserved wisely. Makawai offers an adaptive, easy-to-use smart AI technology for commercial entities.  Our system optimizes water flow as it protects against disruption, loss, and waste while paying for itself.

Makawai elevates water management and monitoring to a whole new level, with a simple yet sophisticated state-of-the-art water conservation-at-the-source leak detection system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Makawai System Pay For Itself?

The savings Makawai delivers on your water bill eliminates  upfront out-of-pocket expenses by offsetting its robust comprehensive modern water management and monitoring system. Makawai is where water conservation pays for water transformation.

How Does Makawai’s Water Management Help?

Makawai is the future of water. We create a healthier environment through water conservation and sustainability by:

  • Saving on the cost of water and avoidance of costly leaks and water damage
  • Instantly detecting even the smallest leaks in real time
  • Eliminating the potential for water damage and business interruption
  • Better managing and monitoring your water system
  • Reducing property insurance premiums and deductibles
  • Potential  rebates, tax credits and grants
  • Providing 24/7 peace-of-mind 

What is the installation process?

Makawai is invested in your future.  We offer a  no-cost, no obligation consultative approach for our water conservation analysis.
  • To predict savings, a usage analysis based on water consumption is performed by analyzing past water bills. This establishes a baseline that measures savings, project effectiveness, and environmental impact.
  • An e-questionnaire is completed and a brief site survey scheduled.
  • Makawai contracts and coordinates with a  plumbing contractor (either your approved vendor or ours) to install the conservation device and AMX meter.
  • Makawai sets up the technology connectivity either via ethernet or cellular.
  • You establish an online account identifying alert notification contacts through Makawai’s connected portal.
  • A simple training overview is provided and then you and your organization are set to save water, money, and the environment.