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The Makawai Water Mission

At Makawai, we believe that water is our planet’s most precious resource, and it’s up to each of us, as its caretakers, to sustain and nurture that resource responsibly.

Makawai was born from a passion to deliver an innovative, intuitive, and intelligent approach to water conservation while safeguarding against any potential damages, disruptions, or avoidable expenses caused by leaks.

Simply put, we have a passion for helping organizations like yours use their existing resources to their highest, best, and most beneficial capacity.

Our Solution

Having spent years performing statistical analysis on water consumption, our team has developed a sophisticated system of tools and technology for identifying and reporting potential leaks and abnormal water-use patterns.

Once installed, the Makawai monitoring and management bundle delivers a true net zero-cost system and, in many cases, reduces your ever-increasing cost of insurance.

By integrating our smart technology and equipment, you have a powerful water conservation and efficiency system that reduces consumption, alerts you of water leaks before damage happens, and promotes a safer, healthier environment.

Not only is Makawai’s smart technology more accurate than other systems, but it’s actually capable of ignoring known issues that other systems incorrectly flag as problems, saving you precious time and resources.

Makawai allows your organization to spend less time managing the leak detection and notification process, and more time doing what you do best.

Water Partnership

Mission in Partnerships

At Makawai we believe that success is found in cultivating lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients by developing and delivering long-term solutions that make their water use more efficient and cost-effective.

We achieve this by focusing on long-range goals and benchmarks designed to best accomplish measurable results and successful outcomes.

We approach each partnership with a proven combination of industry expertise, success-driven strategies, and a relentlessly positive attitude.

Our uncompromising business standards and an enthusiastic team of experts combine to offer your business customized, successful, and reliable results.

That’s Makawai.